Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Get ready, those lovable, cousin-fucking, Australian retards Frenzal Rhomb are back. And, I'm happy to report, they've rediscovered their golden touch! Frenzal's 2003 album Sans Souci was an instant winner, packed with wall-to-wall punk rock anthems and a wicked sense of humour. After that, a messy b-sides album, Jackie O-gate, an uninspiring full length and a five year hiatus left the band's future in doubt. Until now!

Smoko and the Pet Food Factory opens with ridiculous first single "Bird Attack", a one minute and fifteen second joke that went too far. And it's an awesome re-introduction. After that, things get a bit more serious. "Mummy Doesn't Know You're A Nazi", "5000 Cigarettes" and "Cockroach Light Switch" are all under two minutes long. And all instant classics. Track five, "Knuckleheads", is when you realise it's time to sit back and just enjoy the (twenty six minute) ride.

"You fucks have been my enemy my whole fucking life", sings frontman Jay Whalley, combining his jaded sense of humour with real emotion and feeling. Who else could harmonise "knuckleheads" on a chorus? Who else even uses the word knuckleheads?

Recorded at The Blasting Room in Fort Collins, Colorado, and overseen by Descendents drummer and punk rock producer extraordinaire Bill Stevenson, Smoko at the Pet Food Factory sounds amazing. Drummer Gordy Forman's a modern day legend. And here, he sounds better than ever.

That said, Frenzal Rhomb's technical prowess (and wit) is often overshadowed by their abrasive outspokenness and seemingly uncouth approach. But Tom Crease is an excellent bassist and Lindsay McDougall's a shredding lead guitarist and talented backup vocalist. In short, buy this record now!

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