Friday, July 15, 2011


Lincoln punk rockers The Living Daylights sound a lot like raspy, new age Canadian legends The Flatliners. In other words, What Keeps You Breathing is heart on its sleeve, arrow in its chest, glory-bound melodic punk rock with guts and feeling. There are cracks in the walls, cold floors to sleep on and winsome thoughts of better days.

I first discovered The Living Daylights (I wonder if they're named after the Kid Dynamite song or the Bond Movie?) opening for Iron Chic at The Windmill. They blew me away. I'd never heard a local band quite like them. Heart and soul, regret-fuelled modern melodic punk rock with soaring melodies and ballsy refrains. Live, they're a handful.

Overall, What Keeps You Breathing sounds like a band on the verge of greatness. The harmonies are huge, the hooks sharpened and the emotions tangible. But something in the production robs the songs of the impact they deserve. Fat Mike needs to snap these guys up and stick them in The Blasting Room. The lyrics are also a bit straightforward and predictable. They could do with an injection of personality. Something that really grabs you by the throat. Otherwise, everything's in place for world domination. Great band.

Download the full album for free here...

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