Thursday, June 9, 2011


Antagonist Records

So legendary Californian punk rockers Face to Face are officially back in action. They flirted with the idea in 2008. 'Til they loaned out bassist Scott Shiflett to The Offspring and Lagwagon and things hit the breaks again. Then they resurfaced in 2010 on the Vans Warped Tour. Laugh Now, Laugh Later is their first full length since 2002's How to Ruin Everything.

The problem with Laugh Now, Laugh Later is consistency. "Should Anything Go Wrong" is an epic, fuel-injected way to kick off an album nine years in the making. And "All For Nothing" and "Blood in the Water" are both bangers - "All for Nothing" especially! But midway through tracks like "The Invisible Hand", "Stopgap", "What You Came For" and Lonesome Dove, cowboy ballad "Under the Wreckage", I was reaching for the Next button.

The weird, Blur-"Song 2"-production on the drums midway through "Stopgap" sounds so random. Like a last minute tweak by an engineer low on ideas. And overall
, if Face to Face had been more selective and cut the 11-track album down to a five or six song EP, Laugh Now, Laugh Later would be pure gold.

Still worth checking out. "All For Nothing" is a modern, pop-punk classic. Anyone else notice how much Trever Keith sounds like Goldfinger's John Feldmann on this album?

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