Thursday, June 2, 2011


I've been listening to Cornwall-based, punk-rock trio Bangers' debut full length Small Pleasures for about a month now. Off and on. But for some reason, it still hasn't sunk in. Live, they're intense. Their songs sound like prickly, battle-worn anthems from the road. On my iPod, it's not quite the same punch in the face.

The music's that perfect blend of pop and energetic, three-piece punk-rock that goes down so well with a beer and a cigarette and shed full of broken dreams. The production's tight, the drumming's great and the bass sounds especially awesome. And songs like "Making Friends" and "Church Street In Ruins" are instant classics - the brief, two man melody at the end of the latter is probably my favourite 10 seconds on the album.

But overall, it feels like something's missing. A certain dynamic. It feels like bassist Andrew Horne should be backing up guitarist and lead vocalist Roo Pescod more. As a result, some songs get a bit stale and two-dimensional halfway through.

Also, trivial rants like "I wish just once I had a bed that didn't squeak" ("Integral Fruits") and "My computer broke down again" ("Geeks and pedophiles") get a bit much. I mean, is it it really worth dedicating a minute and a half of a song to your broken computer? It's like Larry David punk. And the line, "Well thanks a lot Bill, you really got me this time" sounds dated as fuck. Shouldn't it be Steve? Either way, who cares? Turn it off and on again and get over it...

To clarify, I like this band. I just wasn't expecting pretty good, I was expecting awesome.

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