Monday, March 21, 2011


Fat Possum

Straight away, songs like "Holing Out" and "Get Away" sound like anthems from my childhood. Instantly, I'm transported to the shadowy outskirts of a dodgy '90s "disco", staring at some girl dancing with some arsehole that doesn't deserve her. Everyone's wearing jeans torn at the knees and a dumb, stoned look like anything's possible...

London band Yuck's irritatingly self-titled debut reeks of pre-grunge, alternative rock bands like Dinosaur Jr, Superchunk,
Pavement, Sonic Youth and the Pixies. Like a band you might see on Beavis & Butthead - an acid, psychedelic effect used heavily in the music video.

Of course, they've given the sound a hip, modern update. Still, there's something oddly comforting and nostalgic in their fuzzy, retro guitar tones, their soulful, "alt-rock" ballads and the swooning, introverted, '90s art fagginess of it all.

Fresh from SXSW in Austin, this April, Yuck take on North America, touring their way from Los Angeles to Northampton, then through Canada and back to the UK in May. For more, check out

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