Tuesday, March 8, 2011


When he poses for photos, he won’t let me shoot his face. When I ask about opening night, he replies nervously. “I probably won’t come", he says. "I hate being the centre of attention. It really freaks me out… unless I’m shitfaced”. Mysterious Al’s been at it for more than a decade, working with high profile clients like Adidas, Volvo and Eastpak, nailing a signature style that’s part zombie kitsch, part man of the world.

This week, Al kicks off his solo show career with The Doomsday Papers, showing at StolenSpace Gallery, Shoreditch ‘til March 27. I met him the morning before the big opening. He seemed nervous.

Where does the name come from originally? Any relation to Weird?

No. No relation. The name’s just something I got at art school. I kind of wanted it to be gangster, like Notorious B.I.G. But that was taken. Mysterious was the next best thing, really.

What’s The Doomsday Papers all about?

This body of work is all about different faiths and beliefs, all mashed together and brought into the 21st century. Wicca, Mayan beliefs, popular culture… Everything brought together in a colourful way. Doomsday Papers, as a title, is to do with the Mayan prediction for 2012.

When do you think the world’s going to end then?

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