Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Weird Skull Enterprises

I'm a sucker for this shit. Luckily, it's my blog... The Holy Mess remind me of Portsmouth punk trio You, Me and the Atom Bomb - at first, they sound a little too much like The Lawrence Arms, then you realise everyone involved in that sentence is so awesome, it doesn't really matter.

Dismount's not even new. The Holy Mess released it on their own label Weird Skull in June 2009. But chances are, you've still never heard of 'em.
Red Scare Records has. They just signed the Philadelphia four-piece and are in the process of putting together a self-titled introductory album (featuring this EP, their 2010 Benefit Sesh 7" and two brand new songs). See... shit's still relevant.

The Holy Mess play hard-hitting, DIY pop-punk with more heart than brains. Sleepless nights, shit day jobs, dual vocals (one gruff, one slightly less gruff) and a great sense of humour. The melodies are catchy and aggressive, the drumming's fast, the production's raw and Dismount's an instant classic. Don't believe me? Listen to the whole thing here. And how about this for a note on your door...

For fans of The Lawrence Arms, The Menzingers, The Loved Ones, Captain, We're Sinking, The Flatliners... and people with ears.

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