Friday, October 22, 2010



Hurley kicks off with a catchy trio of feel-good power-pop hits that suggests, maybe, this isn’t going to be just another Weezer album. But the hits soon dry up and Hurley begins to wobble on tiny Pamela Anderson feet: top heavy (and maybe a little drunk).

The first three songs sound so focused. So primed for worldwide domination. Then “Unspoken” shows off Weezer at their clumsy, overly sentimental best. But after that, things come undone fast.

The fumbling Rivers Cuomo sentiments are still there, they’re just forgettable. Starting with “Where’s My Sex?” which showcases some of the worst lyrics ever written – socks, sex… it doesn’t matter. What makes thing worse is, Cuomo needed help from songwriter Greg Wells (Katy Perry, Pink, OneRepublic) to make the song sound so awful.

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