Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Bad Religion
The Dissent of Man

"It's no use thinking that you're wrong, the past is dead and gone, it's best to move along and find your Avalon." For Bad Religion, Avalon is The Dissent of Man.

More Bad Religion? Who cares, right? Wrong! 31 years down and they sound better than ever. Helped by Joe Barresi's monstrous production and drummer Brooks Wackerman's subtle wizardry, The Dissent of Man growls with the kind of enthusiasm and purpose most new bands can only dream of.

The melodies are as smooth, intellectual and 'classic Bad Religion' as ever, but The Dissent of Man courses with modern energy. "Meeting of the Minds" is the hardest they've ever sounded. Wackerman, followed by Brett Gurewitz on guitar, punctuates every bar like the reincarnation of Avenged Sevenfold drummer The Rev.

Then, to balance things out, "Someone to Believe" kicks out an old-school Ramones jam, complete with Bad Religion-ified "gabba gabbas." Still, thanks to Wackerman's punchy drum sound and the album's muscular production, the song doesn't sound dated at all.

"Won't somebody please come up with something, 'cos Jesus just don't seem to be impartially working. And all of the rest are really down in the ratings. So everyone is going to keep on waiting... Waiting for peace at the end of the street."

As usual, Greg Graffin's lyrics are a classy, poetic cocktail of personal storytelling and acute social commentary. Instead of "fuck the system," Dr. Graffin sings lines like, "Hey scientist, please save us from our rainy days. Because your counterpart in the magic art is manufacturing judgment day." And he uses words like "halcyon" and "ad hominem." The kind most punks might have to Google to understand.

If you've been losing interest in Bad Religion over the years, watching from a far, gobbling up the singles, The Dissent of Man will reignite you. Blistering!

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