Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Surfer Blood
Astro Coast

It must be great to live in America, start an indie band, get on the Billboard 200 and play fests like South By Southwest. Better still, how about a batch of glowing debut album reviews from the likes of Spin, Q, Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, Sputnikmusic and whoever else will listen to a bunch of fun young indie kids pulling silly faces in bright coloured clothes. And these days, that's just about everyone.

Mostly, it's Astro Coast's combination of old and new, their quirky lyrics and their laid-back honest jams that grab your attention. Well... delicately caress it. There are moments that sound like Vampire Weekend. Moments that sound like the Pixies. Moments that sound like (blue album) Weezer. And an overall nod to the '50s pop melodies of Buddy Holly. But overall, it's a pretty original sound.

The refreshing thing is the lack of desperation.
Nothing sounds force-fed and unconvincing. Surfer Blood don't sound like a young new indie band climbing the online cool ladder, one blog at a time - even though they are. Potential single "Take It Easy" sounds the most Vampire Weekend, Afrobeat-ish, but the rest of the album's surprisingly old fashioned and chilled. Don't get bogged down by the hype, Astro Coast's an impressive first album that's fun to listen to. Optimistic and likable.

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