Thursday, August 19, 2010


Iron Chic
Not Like This
Dead Broke Records

Fans of Dear Landlord, You, Me and the Atom Bomb and The Flatliners, take a bow. And how could I not mention Dillinger Four, The Lawrence Arms and Hot Water Music? Still, for every band that gets the formula just right there's a million other imitators that don't even come close. The kind of bands you listen to once, eject and forget. Luckily for them, Iron Chic paid attention in (Punk) Rock 'n' Roll High School...

Not Like This is a perfect combination of catchy pop-punk riffs and gruff-around-the-edges melody, where
pretty-when-they're-drunk guitars swoon with filthy basslines. It's storyteller punk-rock with a story worth telling. Really, it's all about the feeling. The relatable beauty of lines like, "I taste the grief. Feel that old anger bubble up. It makes it hard to breathe. It makes a case for throwing up. So I medicate, and when my eyes are red enough, I start thinking straight and I can face the day." I bet Iron Chic remember when Jawbreaker rocked "The Boat..."

Fans of disbanded New York punk-rockers Latterman won't be surprised. Iron Chic features ex-Latterman vocalist Phil "Bear" Douglas and guitarist Brian Crozier.

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