Tuesday, June 8, 2010


BLK JKS have always been a bit of mystery to me. They've never played Durban before and strangely, they seem better known in New York and London than round our way. Still, most people know the name. We've seen the stylish photos, read the high profile interviews and followed their meteoric rise – from the cover of FADER to the FIFA World Cup opening ceremony. Still, we had no idea…

The drive out to the Rainbow's quite a hectic one. I always seem to take a wrong turn and end up in a deserted taxi rank. When you do get there, nestled in-between Chicago Meats and TK's Tavern, the Rainbow's like a bright safe haven at the end of a dark, abandoned highway. The rest of the street’s locked up tight and a sign on the other side of the road says "100% Human." I walk briskly towards the light. Click here to read the full review (Speakerbox.co.za).

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Directed by Jamie-James Medina

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