Wednesday, June 9, 2010


2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa
Xbox 360

“EA Sports, it’s in the game.” I’ve been listening to that load up clip for 15 years. Since FIFA Soccer 95 (the titles were so much simpler back then). Now it’s been replaced with a vuvuzela. And I know it’s just advertising, but seeing FNB, Telkom and MTN billboards in a FIFA game is pretty mind-blowing as well. When you play at the “Durban Stadium,” you can even see a bit of actual Durban skyline.

I remember when football games used the same generic clone for every player. When the crowd was a two-dimensional sheet of motionless pixels. And getting excited when one player had a sweatband and the others didn’t. Nowadays, EA have got their player likenesses down to a fine art. And everyone from Matthew Booth to Fabio Capello is represented in near photographic high definition. Click here for the full review (

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